Families impacted by cancer and other traumas need free, accessible arts -based resources and experiences to open communication and support emotional well being.


Free creative resources you can use now!

Read about Marie and her magic friend as her family goes through cancer diagnosis, treatment and coping with emotions.

Play. Feel. Dance. Heal.

Listen to the songs, watch the videos, learn the Dance Camp moves!

Meet Tamal and his friends in a story for kids about asking for help, coping with emotions and gratitude.

Teens explore the world of Phoenix, Duck & Eagle and their cancer journey in this coming of age story.

Enjoy poetry through breast cancer for teens and adults. Themes of treatment, identity, body image, parenting and more.

Listen to children, survivors, caregivers, and care providers talk about the cancer journey.

Themed discussion and activities for all ages on creativity, feelings, society, imagination, parenting and more.

Lead a project to make Little Monster Friends at your High School. Earn hours, help families!