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Little Green Monster:

My Story Quilt

Creativity App for Families through the Cancer Journey

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“What’s the bravest thing you can do about cancer?”

Acknowledge all our feelings. Talk as a family.

Reading, writing and art-making help that happen!

Join Zoe, the Little Green Monster in My Story Quilt App as he guides your family through creative activities inspired by the Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! book and Well Beings Studio’s popular live and virtual creative arts and emotional healing workshops.


Who Benefits from the My Story Quilt App?

  • Children ages 4-11

  • Parents, grandparents, other caregivers

  • Support and treatment staff: doctors, nurses, navigators, child life specialists, social workers

  • School counselors, teachers and other professionals 


Sing With Me


With Me

Drum Beats

Write a Letter

Dance With Me


Treasure Hunt

Make a Monster

Kindness Jar

Silly Story Maker

Anchor 1

The Quilt


Quilts provide comfort but they also have been historically used throughout different cultures to tell stories and represent resourcefulness because they utilize a variety of leftover fabrics.  Friendship quilts were historically made by friends as a gift of remembrance. A story quilt is made with pictures, sounds, scents and textures to tell a story and can be made with a group to tell about a moment in time, an event or a feeling that is important to you.

The My Story Quilt app is designed around the concept of quilting, with the center-point being a nine square quilt that offers interactive opportunities for comfort, creative expression, communication, and collaboration between family members on the cancer journey—and the opportunity to create an evolving chronicle.

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In the app’s creative activities,

families will:

  • Identify emotions

  • Manage stress

  • Appreciate diversity

  • Offer empathy

  • Build relationships

  • Communicate

  • Reflect on problems

  • Learn about cancer

Creativity at Your Family’s Fingertips


Arts-based Social-Emotional and Healing Opportunities

  • The cancer journey is complex and individual for every person affected by it.

The app provides activities in multiple art mediums, and many choices depending on what the user needs at that moment.

  • Patients, family members and professionals experience a range of emotions that may not always align with one another. 

The app provides emotional check-ins, engages emotional vocabulary  and accesses moods through individual pathways to creative expression.

The app includes Parent and Child versions, synced together through a social feed to share messages and art works, and an emotional check-in mood calendar.

  • Adult experiences and concerns about the cancer journey are very different from children’s.

All family members can create and share their work. The activities help manage stress, process emotions, build relationships and communicate, supporting everyone through the cancer journey.

  • Expressive arts are an outlet that is inclusive and accessible to all ages.

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  • We need a broad base of support during cancer.

The app syncs with the Little Green Monster Family digital community, which will provide spaces for discussion, resource sharing, a children’s art gallery, and virtual, live creative arts workshops to further help the family heal.

Introducing My Story Quilt Parent App

Follow Activity

Set the time your children spend on the app. Follow your children’s emotional check-ins on the mood calendar.

Social Feed

Communicate with your children within the app. Share messages and art works. Whether you are resting at home, fatigued from treatment or in the hospital, you can bring the energy of your child through their words and creativity shared on the app.


Learn ideas for talking with children about cancer, grief and loss. Learn easy, creative activities at your fingertips to connect with your children. Learn about live, virtual arts workshops from the family and about ways to contribute to the cancer community. Finally, find resources near you!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro -
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro -

What People are Saying

My colleagues and I were treated today to a preview of the new Little Green Monster app!  I think it is not overly-effusive to say we were awed and thrilled by the depth and breadth of the app - and how it is coming to life.  The word that came up for our team was 'comprehensive.'   And, the idea that this app could be one day grown beyond cancer experiences - into supporting all children and their families who are experiencing fears and tensions due to the intense social justice issues happening in our society today. We are proud to be in this with Sharon, and will do what we can to continue being part of sharing this dream of supporting children in their cancer experience.

Robin Walker

Mentor to Breast Cancer Survivors

You have done an incredible job of really thinking through and incorporating so many aspects of coping and healing - something that is so needed right now

Larleslie McDaniel

Cancer Support Program Director

Behind Our Story Quilt App

My Cancer Story Quilt App has been developed in partnership with 1Gen, a social innovation company committed to creating meaningful digital solutions for the most pressing issues facing the world. Quilt concept by Literary Safari.


Well Beings Studio has collaborated with a diverse group of artists to create all original content for the app. Our village includes creative writers, musicians, vocalists, actors, visual artists, graphic artists, graphic designers, sound engineers, and software developers.

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