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Reading is a powerful tool for family togetherness and memory making during cancer. We can learn coping strategies, ask questions and talk about emotions through stories.

Sharing stories about families impacted by cancer will help children and teens see themselves and find a place of belonging. 


We have a range of emotions during cancer, and it can be hard to name what we are feeling. Exploring our feelings creatively helps us fully experience them, leading to increased well-being.


Here are some Well Beings Studio resources for you to Feel together!



Being creative helps the whole family during cancer. Making art and music, moving and dancing, singing and playing all lower anxiety and improves the immune system, which often accompanies diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.


Being creative can be a positive distraction or a way to express your stories of the cancer journey. Here are some Well Beings Studio creativity resources to get you started.


Healing during and after cancer treatment takes time, sometimes more time than we hoped or expected. Sometimes we are healing from the loss of life before cancer. Sometimes we are healing from the loss of our loved one to the disease.

We don’t have to wait until we are better to live. Creating joyful moments builds emotional resilience to carry us through hard times.

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