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Pocketful of Poems

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This Spring, Well Beings Studio created a podcast with the Children's Hour to explore the power of poetry to heal, support and express yourself. We created poems with hospitalized children and their siblings from Cali Kids Medical Foundation, and curated a collection of poems from our Well Beings Studio artists, educators and families. 


This is an hour full of poetry. We’ll hear poems that heal from children and their families who dealing with cancer, hospitalizations, or disability. Included on this show is Kenn Nesbit, former United States Children’s Poet Laureate. We also feature songs from Well Beings Studio’s musical release, Monster In Me, as well as other empowering songs like "Soy Yo" from Bomba Estéreo and "I Wrote My Way Out" from the Hamilton Mix Tape.


Listen to Pocketful of Poems below, on The Children's Hour website, or wherever you download your podcasts. Share with other families, educators, counselors, nurses, artists, and anyone who can spread the power of poetry to the world.

Pocketful of PoemsThe Children's Hour
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Many thanks to Katie Stone from The Children's Hour and all the guests on the Program!

Amanda Karach (If I am a girl)

Cathy Higa CSUF Children’s Center 

Diana Wallace Urth Rhythms (Hero Speaking Drums)

Grace Wethor (Dear Cancer)

Kenn Nesbitt US Children’s Poet Laureate

Leilana and Gabriela Rigor (reading poems of Leila, Phoenix, Mason, Ryder, Leon from California Kids Medical Foundation)

Matthew Rodriguez Well Beings Studio (Scoops of joy)

Sharon Frances Well Beings Studio (Which Bird)

Tessie Herrasti Expressive Arts Educator

Yazin (Fish Poem)

Bonus Tracks:

Ode, Ode to a Tree by Sue Noyes Anderson
Hero Speaking Drums with Diana Wallace