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My family is impacted by cancer.

There are so many questions!

How can I talk to my children?

What can we do as a family?

Use the resources below to help you during the cancer journey.

Helping My Family

After diagnosis, you may feel a range of emotions. You may wonder how to talk with your children about cancer and the emotions we are feeling but struggle to express. 

Even though it is hard, it is important to have age-appropriate conversations about cancer with your children, talking about what happens during cancer and the emotions your child might have. These conversations will help your children feel safe and loved.

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Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment is accompanied by many fears and losses. Children may fear losing their loved one due to cancer. We can explain to our children what is happening, respond to their concerns and confusion, and offer reassurance.

Grief and Loss.jpeg

We can create a safe, non-judgmental environment to connect, reinforce each other’s strengths and support each other’s challenges. Shared creativity encourages 

reflection: what do we see and wonder together?



There are plentiful resources for you and your family during the cancer journey. We will find cancer support organizations near you, as well as general cancer support organizations across the nation who can help you through this time.


Join us for free, virtual creative arts workshops.

Use the arts to explore feelings, build coping strategies, make new memories, and form family connections. Art, dance, music, multimedia experiences for children and teens.

The Well Beings Studio Community is a safe space to share your stories, blogs and more! Join us to discuss cancer support, parenting, creativity and the arts, and resource sharing.

Explore ways to connect with other families through volunteering, our #webreakstigmas campaign, and donating. Sign up for a donated book or care duffle. Purchase to help families through your support.

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