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Being creative helps the whole family during cancer. Making art and music, moving and dancing, singing and playing all lower anxiety and depression, which often accompany diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Being creative can be a positive distraction or a way to express your stories of the cancer journey. Here are some Well Beings Studio resources that focus on creativity to get you started.

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Building Coping Skills through Creativity

When families are experiencing a traumatic illness, loss, or event, creating individually and together helps us to release or reduce uncomfortable emotions and stress, and to build peace of mind. Externalizing our thoughts and emotions, out of our bodies and through an art medium can help us navigate the  difficult time and find meaning and purpose.

Telling Our Stories from the Inside Out

Ways to tell your story include: Write an “I am” Poem or a vignette about an important moment in your life. Create self portraits with paint, collage and photography. Sing a song and create a dance to go along with it! Maybe even wear some shades!

  • Collage your emotions

  • Play with clay

  • Draw your mood daily

  • Look and create with out looking

  • Practice mindful drawing

  • Make art about something you are creating

  • Use words or images to represent what you are letting go or releasing

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