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Healing can come from diverse and surprising sources. This is especially true when our emotional wellbeing is impacted by illness and trauma. We invite you to explore the fun and rewarding world of the creative arts. Learn what resonates with you and your family’s unique personalities, situations and experiences.

Healing as a Family through Cancer

Healing during and after cancer treatment takes time, sometimes more time than we hoped or expected. Sometimes we are healing from the loss of the life before cancer. Sometimes we are healing from the loss of our loved one to the disease.

The National Cancer Institute identifies these common challenges include:

  • People expect you to do what you did before your cancer.

  • You may expect more from your family than you receive.

  • You may still need to depend on others during this time.


NCI suggests the following strategies:

  • Let others know what you’re able to do as you heal – and what not to expect.

  • Know that this is a new time in your life so it may take time to adjust.

  • Talk with your children and teens. Be honest and open. Spend time together.


Helping is Healing

LGM Joyce Family photo.jpg

The Little Green Monster Project knows life is hard during cancer. We created the Little Monster Friend Duffle to support your family healing together. The duffle has The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! book, a Little Monster Friend (handmade by volunteers), emotion stickers and a monster profile activity.

You can request, purchase or donate a duffle. You can also sign up to sew little monsters for other families!


Creative Reflection 

I Am Enough Journal

“I am Enough” A Kid’s Journal  helps children enter a creative, healing flow with self-reflection prompts.

DOWNLOAD the I am Enough Journal!

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Poetry for Healing

Wet Wings: Poetry through Breast Cancer

Wet Wings: Poetry through Breast Cancer explores themes of cancer treatment, identity, body image, death and dying, parenting, emotions, and imagination.

Reading through your cancer journey might help you heal!

  • LISTEN to the author, Sharon, read poems from Wet Wings, talk about her cancer journey, and lead you through some mindful breathing.

  • REQUEST or DONATE a Book: Contribute a book to a cancer survivor . Request a book for someone you love. Contact us!


Breathing and Creative Flow Activities



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