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Monster in Me! Music and Dance for Wellness

There once was a little green monster who used magic to help people, when they became very sick. The little green monster wrapped a special spell around people with cancer. He knew that sometimes life could be hard. So, the little green monster brought us under his wing… and carried us through starry skies and sweet dreams.… (from Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! by Sharon Frances.)

Monster in Me Dance Camp: Live, Virtual, Free!

Monster in Me, Virtual Dance Camp, July 2020, Partnership with Active Learning USA

This July, Well Beings Studio partnered with Active Learning USA to facilitate a free, virtual dance camp to bring our Monster in Me songs to life. “My family is so happy!” exclaimed one of the parents.

Monster in me 
Set me free,
From what holds me back
From who I long to be
I hear a rumble inside
Feel an ember ignite
Monster in me..
Please now set me free.

The songs explore a range of emotions, experiences and questions we have during difficult times. Teacher Anthony celebrates the campers’ love for movement and expression, encouraging them to explore their bodies and feelings as they dance. We are in week two of four, and loving every minute!

Monster in Me Music Album: AVAILABLE NOW!

Monster in Me Music Album, Late July Release, Click for song previews.

Well Beings Studio is so excited to announce the release of our FIRST MUSIC ALBUM FOR FAMILIES!!! Let’s play, feel, dance and heal together. Listen to four songs about emotions during difficult times. Listen to the album as you work or play. Available to purchase for $4 wherever you download or stream your music. Proceeds support families impacted by cancer served through Well Beings Studio!

  • Monster in Me (feat. Zia Amador)

  • So Many Questions (feat. Eleanor Nunez and Joris Hoogsteder)

  • Lullaby (Bird’s Eye View), (feat. Natalie Womack)

  • Feelings Are Real (feat. Traci Hines)

Monster drawing, Well Beings Studio workshop

Little Green Monster Activities!

Make Your Own Little Monster Pick your favorite animal. Use blank paper and crayons, markers, or colored pencils (or cut-out construction paper shapes and glue). Draw or collage a monster from your favorite animal. Use the animal’s body shape and parts as the base. Add extra magical features. Draw the monster in the middle of a magical activity. You might include yourself and/or your family in the picture. What power does your monster have? What emotions does your monster feel?

Sing with the Little Monster Play the Monster in Me video alone. Sing the song out loud. Do a little dance. Then write your own song for the little monster you designed.

Monster in Me Dance Camp in partnership with Active Learning USA. Monster in Me album in partnership with Joris Hoogsteder, composer and sound engineer extraordinaire. Funded by the Handel Sunrise Foundation.

Well Beings Studio engages the arts to support emotional well-being of families impacted by cancer, other traumas and difficult times. We focus on understanding emotions; processing change, grief and loss; and utilizing reading, writing, and creative arts for well-being. We work to dismantle stigmas about cancer, emotions, and asking for help. We are committed to inclusion, equity, and sharing multiple, diverse voices.

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