What can we do as a family? Read.

Reading is a powerful tool for family togetherness and memory making during cancer. We can learn coping strategies, ask questions and talk about emotions through stories.

Sharing stories about families impacted by cancer will help children and teens see themselves and find a place of belonging. 

Well Beings Studio has several resources to get you started: for kids, teens, and adult survivors. We will READ, FEEL, CREATE and HEAL together.

The Little Green Monster Project

Explore the world of the Little Green Monster and the power of imagination to help us through difficult emotions.

Ash and Feather: A Teen Project

Illustration by Allesse Patterson, who plays Phoenix

Explore the world of bird/girl, Phoenix, and her two dads, one of whom has brain cancer.

  • LISTEN to the Podcast:Find on AnchorFM, or wherever you stream your podcast. Enacted by Loyola Marymont University students, supported by the California Arts Council and National Arts and Disability Center.

  • LISTEN to the Author: Sharon talks about her father’s brain cancer and writing Ash and Feather.