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What can we do as a family? Feel.

We have a range of emotions during cancer. Sometimes it is hard to identify what we are feeling. Sometimes we feel more than one emotion. Talking about emotions helps. Working through our feelings creatively helps too. Here are some Well Beings Studio resources for you to Feel together!

Little Green Monster Project

“Talk to me, little monster, how do you feel? I need to know because feelings are real.”

From Feelings Are Real, song on the Monster in Me album.

Monster in Me is a four song album, produced by Well Beings Studio, to explore different facets of being a family during difficult times, such as living through cancer.

How can you use the album at home? Visit Monster in Me for more.

Ocean in a Drop is three-story visualization and meditation album for the whole family. Have you ever wiggled your toes in the sand, discovered a magic crab? Want to build a chair fort and have a party with the great dragon? What if you were one inch tall wandering a meadow? Listen to these adventures and relaxing instrumentals while you are creative or need some rest.

How can you use the album at home? Visit Creativity and Mindfulness for more!


  • EXPLORE the Little Green Monster Family Experience. Visit now!

  • DOWNLOAD Resources: Talking to Children about Cancer, Family Activities for Joy and Healing

  • EXPLORE our blogs! Click on captions below for some examples.

  • PLAY with our Emotion Monster Tools below.

Visit our other introductory pages to READ, FEEL, CREATE and HEAL together.

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