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Making Cancer Magic during COVID-19

What happens when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer? The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! by breast cancer survivor and parent, Sharon Frances (formerly Chappell), helps families talk about cancer, diagnosis, treatment and the feelings that accompany the cancer journey. The story celebrates the joy of everyday moments that families spend together while enduring difficult times. The Little Green Monster helps book character Marie and her family survive and thrive through her mother’s treatment. The book includes cancer and feelings vocabulary, as well as cancer resources and activities. The book explores the questions like: What can you expect while a loved one goes through treatment? While science does its work, what can love and everyday magic do to help?

Well Beings Studio is the home of the Little Green Monster Project. We donate care duffles to children of families impacted by cancer. Duffles include the book, a volunteer-sewn little monster friend, emotion stickers, family reading and activity guide, and tips for talking with children about cancer. We have donated over 2,000 copies of The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! nationwide, in 15 states, and coordinated over 50 adult & child volunteers who have sewn over 100 Little Monster Friends to accompany the book for gifting to children during their family’s cancer journey. 

Please visit the Little Green Monster Project’s Romp and Stomp blog for stories from children and families about their cancer journey, like Diyah’s story about going through her BFF (her mom)’s cancer.

Diyah’s Story, Featured in Romp and Stomp.

Flying Magic!

This little monster friend is named Magic Monster, born May 4, 2020. His magical power is giving hugs. He is very nice, loves light blue, and likes to help with answers. Magic Monster’s favorite silly word is Giggle, and his favorite food is seeds. When you don’t see him playing and singing with me, Mummy and Daddy, Magic Monster is listening to the wind and enjoying the entire world.

We have FREE books and monsters to give to cancer-impacted families. We also SEE STORIES from children and teens about living in a cancer-impacted family. Please contact:

A big THANK YOU to Brian Huezo who designed our Little Green Monster website. There are lots of FREE RESOURCES for parents, children, and cancer support providers. Check it out!

Another big THANK YOU to Keandra Bryson and Camp Kesem for co-sponsoring our Little Green Monster Facebook LIVE workshop last week. Check it out here.

Featured blog image by Jackie Gorman, 2020.

Sharon Frances (formerly Chappell), PhD, is the Executive and Artistic Director of Well Beings Studio. She is a teacher, breast cancer survivor, parent and artist, and the founder of The Little Green Monster Project. 

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