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390 School Update In Bihar >>> DOWNLOAD

390 School Update In Bihar >>> DOWNLOAD

STOP PRESS! YES! JDU leader Sharad Yadav has urged the party-led government in Bihar to take over 390 prima. Print a copy of this information report and send it to the home minister, the chief minister and the heads of all district education departments. News: New in this version: - New commands: show_remotelink - if you want to know where you are the remote link will be shown here. - New remote link to check it. - Useful to distinguish between site-specific updates and repo updates. - All updates are archived. - By default, the old version is archived. - To archive the previous version, you just have to edit the.archivate file. - Working on local branches that are being merged. The current git remote is: The upstream remote is: The upstream branch that the current branch tracks is: master My local branch (feature/core-example) is 63 commits behind. The current branch (from where the git pull origin feature/core-example command will be run) is not mergeable into the remote branch master. FETCH d7f1415..7ee5c4b master -> FETCH d7f1415..7ee5c4b Merge made by the'recursive' strategy. (quote) The command is being run from the master branch, therefore, the old version is being archived. This is the output for the git checkout -b feature/core-example in the current branch. It does not mention about the current branch Could someone please help me on this, i really want to push the new version to my heroku account. A: You need to pull the other branch first git pull origin master This will update your master branch with the changes in the remote master. After that you can do git checkout -b feature/core-example and you will have a local branch which you can make commits on. If you want to push the changes to the remote master you can do git push origin master International Community Health Service International Community Health Service is



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